Wine and olive oil tastings

Vini DOC e Olio EVO

In Fubbiano we are happy to open our cellar to visits and tastings of our wines and our extra virgin olive oil.
The tour starts from the oldest part of the farm, the 17th century villa, a typical example of a Lucca villa-farm, framed by the stone houses once inhabited by the peasants who worked here. We then move to the new cellar, finished building at the end of 2009, which illustrates the winemaking process, from receiving the grapes to refining the wines in the barrel cellar. If the weather conditions allow it, a visit to one of our vineyards allows you to immerse yourself even more in the wonderful world of enology, closely observing the strength and vigor of the vine.
The visits always end with a guided tasting of our products: from extra virgin olive oil to our wines, accompanied by tastings of cheeses and cured meats.

We are open to guided tours and tastings all year round (except Sundays), by reservation.
It is also possible to come to the farm just to buy our products at our store, open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9.00 to 18.00 (from May to September) and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9.00 to 18.00 (from October to April).

What is wine? What's inside a bottle? How much work is hidden behind a label?

Each wine has its own very personal character and behaves independently and never the same from year to year, from fermentation to bottling, from refinement by the glass. Its history begins in the vineyard, where countless elements contribute to its creation: the earth, whose chemical composition will give flavor and character to a wine, the climate, fundamental for the development, maturation and harvest of grapes, the vine, one of the most tenacious and strong that we know in nature… During the winter, the vines seem to be asleep but, as the months go by, the first shoots become leaves, and under the leaves the small bunches peep out, until, when the time of harvest has come, the grapes are welcomed like a feast!
No detail is overlooked in the cellar, as that moment, a whole year of work, effort, projects, could be ruined by a single small mistake.
Thus, the winemakers watch over the fermenting vats and meticulously check any small changes that may occur in the cellar, working with extreme care to extract the best from the grapes and transform it into wine. But even when bottled, a wine can behave in a completely unexpected way. Indeed, there is no specific formula for obtaining a good wine, since wine expresses the power of nature, which can be tamed and controlled only in part by the experience of a winemaker. This is why, when we are in front of a glass of wine, we must always have extreme respect for red colored liquid, since it always has its own story to tell and it is our duty to stop and listen to it, drop by drop.